Part L & Energy

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Part L, SBEM and EPCs

Our internal Level 5 CIBSE Certified Low Carbon Energy Assessors can provide SBEM compliance reports and Energy Performance Certificates at reliably quick turnarounds and low commercial prices.

Part L2A - SBEM

In order for a building to be constructed, a design stage SBEM Report (BRUKL Report) is required. The report should convey that the proposed building’s emission rate (BER is less than the target emission rate (TER) by the required betterment value proposed by the council. By employing us early in the design stages you can be sure that the BER shall pass the required TER with as little incurred costs as possible. We ensure that all options are explored to make the best possible solution for the Client and your project.


An Energy Performance Certificate displays potential buyers and tenants of a property with information regarding the current energy and CO2 usage of a building, as well as recommendations on how to improve both of these values. All non-domestic buildings must display an EPC by law. Considering the environment in everything we do is one of our core beliefs and is critical in the development of environmentally considerate and low carbon buildings.

Our in house Low Carbon Consultants can not only produce EPCs, but also provide you with the experience and timely advice to increase the energy efficiency rating with as little cost as possible.

LZC Energy Statements

In accordance with Section 25 of Part L, an energy statement is to be carried out prior to planning approval. This energy statement is to be produced in line with the GLA guidelines, exploring available fuel uses, heating networks and renewable technology to ensure that the proposed building is the most environmentally friendly option.

Sustainability statements analyse the efficiency of buildings and recommend LZC renewable technologies that can be used to improve the value. Our engineers will carry out a sustainability statement, analyse suitable LZC technologies and size them according to the requirements of each individual product.