Here at Kinetic Engineers, our experienced engineers are trained to utilise a wide range of CAD and design programmes to model and simulate projects accurately. 

We are committed to using 3D modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in all of our larger projects. We understand the importance of generating a fully collaborative working model and are co-operative throughout the entire design period.

Our knowledge of services and our strong technical background allows us to work around potential clashes at the design stage. We have invested heavily in staff training and workshops to ensure seamless integration with our collaborative partners. We are active and helpful throughout the project, we understand that sometimes routes have to change and the model can be ever changing for value engineering.

Thermal Modelling

Here at Kinetic Engineers, we have access to numerous thermal modelling programmes, allowing us to accurately calculate heat gains and losses and size equipment appropriately.


Kinetic Engineers use IES VE to produce TM52 overheating reports for non-domestic buildings before construction begins. This allows us to provide clients with recommendations for reducing the overheating risk.


In addition to TM52 reports, we can also perform TM59 analysis for domestic properties.


Our accredited Energy Assessors are trained to produce Energy Performance Certificates.


The industry leading Autodesk AutoCAD software allows us to produce detailed, accurate models of building services as well as producing the related schematics.


Autodesk Revit allows our consultants to accurately model our designs within the architectural framework of the building, allowing us to check for any snagging issues that may have been missed on the original plans.

Bentley Hevacomp

A multi purpose programme, Hevacomp is used by both our mechanical and electrical teams for a wide range of calculations ranging from pipework size to cable size.


Here at Kinetic, we make full use of BIM to ensure that both ourselves and our clients are always able to work to the latest design revisions.

Lighting Calculations

Dialux allows us to produce lighting calculations. We can tailor the choice of fittings to suit client preference, or recommend fittings ourselves if preferred.

Our Services

At Kinetic Engineers, we provide a range of services applicable to MEP Consultancy. We take pride in every project and we treat every project as unique. 

Thermal Modelling

CAD Services