We combine the experience of our in-house chartered
engineers and 3D CAD coordinators to produce fully
coordinated BIM solutions

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling is the process of designing, generating and managing a digital representation of a building or facility, typically represented as an information rich, fully coordinated, 3D building model. This model contains information relating to the building's physical and functional aspects and serves as a central data source for all construction partners, developers and building owners, throughout the building's lifecycle. The fully accessible building model facilitates the use of collaborative working, offering significant benefits in the reduction of time and costs, allowing clients to design, build and manage higher quality, more energy efficient buildings and facilities.


  • Improved coordination of services through the production of a coordinated, clash free, virtual model
  • Improved project analysis and comprehension
  • Reduces the production of duplicate/redundant data between construction partners
  • Promotes collaborative working and improves communication between all construction partners, enabling value added decisions to be made at critical points throughout the building's lifecycle
  • Allows for the full integration of information previously held separately
  • Reduces waste and man-hours by reducing the requirement for site-based modifications/variations
  • Improved construction planning and scheduling through the integration of the 3D Building Information Model with 4D (Time) software implementations
  • Improved cost planning and analysis through the integration of the 3D Building Information Model with 5D (Cost) software implementations
  • Improved facilities management and maintenance planning through the integration of the 3D Building Information Model with 6D (FM) software implementations
  • Provides functionality for the automated generation of Quantity take offs/Bill of Materials (BOMs) enabling more accurate data management and extraction
  • Supports the facility management processes through the integration of the 3D Building Information Model with a building maintenance management system

KE can produce Building services (MEP) BIM Models at varying levels of detail, dependent upon our client’s requirements at different phases of a project, ranging from conceptual design models, to fully coordinated construction models, through to As Built models to be utilized by owners and facilities management teams.

We can also manage and coordinate all BIM & CAD activities throughout the project lifecycle, including the coordination and integration of models developed by Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP Engineers, MEP Contractors and specialist sub-contractors. If multiple platform integration is required throughout the project, we ensure the highest level of interoperability, to enable effective, efficient collaboration between project teams.