Co-op Funeral Care Bristol

As a direct result of our involvement in the Co-op’s Swansea mortuary, Kinetic Engineers were again approached by the Co-op to carry out the MEP design for their new facility in Bristol. This new facility at the Warmley Business Park consists of two industrial units combined – one as an ambulance garage and the other as office space and mortuary.

Building regulations did not allow our engineers to use the incoming statutory supplies from both units owing to their combined use as one facility. This required some careful co-ordination from our design teams to ensure that the maximum electrical capacity was not exceeded.

The M&E services provided to the mortuary include:

  • Drainage and sanitaryware
  • Domestic water services
  • Heating and cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Containment
  • Small Power
  • Lighting
  • Fire and Security
The project will be handed over later this year.


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