Kinetic Engineers Ltd help Dental surgeries meet Government Guidance in Ventilation using Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP)

Kinetic Engineers are assisting a number of Dental surgeries around the country to meet recent Government Guidance following the outbreak of the Coronavirus / COVID-19. 

Kinetic Engineers have been commissioned by a number of Dental surgeries to design extract ventilation systems for surgeries/dental practices using Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP). This will assist with the infection protection and control (IPC) strategy, as air can be simply be exhausted safely to atmosphere or possibly filtered ensuring all bacteria, spores, aerosols etc are removed effectively.

The rate of clearance of aerosols in an enclosed space is dependent on the extent of any mechanical or natural ventilation and the size of the droplets created. The greater the number of air changes per hour (ACH), the sooner any aerosol will be cleared. 

As a guide, most dental surgeries are neutral pressure rooms.
• In a single room with 6 ACH, 60 mins post AGP downtime is recommended.
• In a single room with 10-12 ACH, 20 mins post AGP downtime is recommended.

As above, if no forced ventilation is used and AGP is carried out, it is recommended that the room is left vacant with the door closed and windows open for one hour before performing a terminal clean. This is not ideal as it reduces the number of patients that the surgery can see during a normal working day, thus reducing the profitability of the surgery.

A ‘clean to dirty’ airflow requirement is still necessary to reduce the spread of containments in these surgeries, therefore careful evaluation of each dental surgery to determine ventilation requirements is required.

We have had some great feedback from the surgeries that have benefited from our design service, therefore please get in contact to see how Kinetic Engineers Ltd can bring your Surgery back on line fully.

The guidance, “Transition to Recovery: A phased transition for dental practices towards the resumption of the full range of dental provision” covers Dentist Surgery Ventilation Post-COVID while also making further recommendations to layouts, cooling and general hygiene measures for dental surgeries.

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