Passivhaus Design - Silksworth Hall

Kinetic Engineers are delighted to be working alongside Beaumont Brown Architects for the residential development at Silksworth Hall.

The plot of residential units are required to be Passivhaus certified. Kinetic Engineers have been appointed to carry out the M&E preliminary assessment of the units using the Passive House Planning Package 9 tool.

Passive Houses are characterised by an especially high level of thermal comfort with minimum energy consumption. In general, the Passive House Standard provides excellent cost-effectiveness particularly in the case of new builds. The categories Passive House Classic, Plus or Premium can be achieved depending on the renewable primary energy (PER) demand and generation of renewable energy (Passivhaus Institute).

Passivhaus Design Concept - Passivhaus Institut

The Silksworth hall developments shall be classic certified. This means very high levels of insulation and low air infiltration rates to minimise heating requirements in the winter. No renewable energy generation will be required for certification, however space heating will be in the form of high efficiency air-to-water heat pumps. During the Spring and Autumn seasons, the buildings will be subject to solar radiation and internal heat gains. From the intentional orientation and the internal equipment, the building will self heat negating the need for any heating.


The proposed plot of units individually achieves, in planning stage, an 80% decrease in CO2 emissions over the typical 1990 baseline house. The units also require a heating demand of 19.4kWh/(m2.a) This is an 85% decrease over the typical average UK Home.

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