Royal Stoke University Hospital

The Royal Stoke University Hospital in Stoke on Trent was part of a phased masterplan involving a new wing on the project. The new wing, approximately 4000m2 expands over two storeys and comprises a range of retail units, pharmacies, staff facilities and an office development on the first floor.

Kinetic Engineers Ltd were appointed by the architect-led design team to oversee the installation and assess the design in terms of energy. We advised the consultant and stakeholder team of the requirements to achieve BREEAM and assessed the design ourselves for certification.

We engaged with the client team to guide the project to a “Very Good” rating, giving guidance where necessary to the design team. Our experience in providing pragmatic low carbon solutions to clients starts from the formation of our company. This is our history and even through we focus more on the consultancy delivery aspect, we will always have the historic experience of sustainable energy solutions to refer back to.



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