In April 2018, all residential AND commercial properties that have an Energy Performance Grade of F or G will be, by law, unable to be marketed for rent or sale.

Commercial Landlords will need to re-assess the Energy Efficiency of their properties and carry out improvements prior to marketing them. If not, they will potentially be faced with an empty, unusable property in 2018, and this will undoubtedly have a significant effect on their valuation.

The Act will be enforced by the local Trading Standards Authority. They will have the power to insist on seeing the EPC for any building to be marketed by a commercial landlord. They will also be able to make the same demands on a commercial letting agent who is acting on behalf of the landlord. If there is no EPC, then evidence of one being commissioned must be supplied, otherwise hefty fines will be imposed.

Kinetic’s in-house Low Carbon Energy Assessors accredited by the CIBSE are able to provide the required competence and ability to produce accurate EPCs and recommendations reports. In buildings that are failing to meet the minimum E rating, Kinetic can provide design advice to assist in delivering the most economic energy efficiency upgrade to ensure that the building complies with the new legislation.

Please contact Craig Degnan if you wish to discuss any project particulars.

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